Demoniacs: or Amalgams are humans that are re-animated from the dead into monstrous forms that are both agile and strong, an ability that is unique to them is that they can fuse with any type of machinery or metal to their bodies according to their will. However humans that are alive can also become demoniacs but in their cases some use the power for what they believe as justice, some lose sight of what's important and abuse their power, some use their power to realize their ambitions and other use it for the sole purpose of revenge. In order for a human to become a demoniac, they have to come in contact with demoniac blood or via contact with any part of the Amalgam's body this in turn exposes them to the untraceable nano machines in the Demoniac's blood. The nano machines then begin to transform the protein cells found in the body at an accelerated pace causing a fast paced evolution. All this is explained by Beatrice to Wolf, who is a Demoniac herself. Re-animated corpses in amalgam form look mostly alike while amalgam-turned humans all have different forms.