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Bradley "Brad" Guildford





Team Affiliations


One of the two snipers of XAT, he's in charge of shooting Amalgams from afar with his anti-tank sniper rifle. A somewhat stoic person, with his hair covering his eyes most of the time, and Lena's boyfriend back in the days when they served together in the military before joining XAT. He was infected by Wolf and managed to escort Hermann and Amanda to safety at the helipad of XAT's HQ, but ends up mortally wounded by Lena's Paladin, which had fused with an Amalgam. He killed her himself, using his powers just enough to allow him to turn his hand into a barrel and shoot her in the head with the same bullet she gave him sometime before. He is later killed by Wolf. Both he and Lena refuse Wolf's blood when he tries to revive them, and turn to ash. He is former GSG-9 special forces before being tasked with XAT duty.