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Shido Kasagi





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A well-built and imposing man with an air of coldness and a gruff attitude, Shido is of Japanese origins, having left a wife and two children to serve as one of the Apocalypse Knights. He is the pilot of the Sword Rider; a red canine-shaped mecha armed with missile launcher and prehensile, energy-firing claws mounted on extensible cables. Shido is presented as merciless, insulting Amanda and her deceased friends. He does this only to test her resolve however, and leaves clues for her about how to find Malek later on. It was revealed that Shido became a cyborg out of altruism toward his family, as his wife was from Hiroshima and suffered from genetic disease stemming from the atomic bombing of the city. He donated most of his organs to his children so to let them survive, and underwent the process that made him a Knight. He fights fiercely against Xargin during the assault on Zwölf HQ and is wounded, but survives and takes part in the Knights' attempt to fend off the nuclear strikes against Germany. He manages to destroy the first barrage of missiles while under fire by a formation of F-35 Lightning, and self-destructs an already heavily damaged Sword Rider to destroy the last two missiles, dying in the explosion.