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Victor Stachus





Team Affiliations

XAT Zwölf

The director and commander-in-chief of the XAT task force, Victor is actually was the true leader of Zwölf having established XAT only as a means to study the Amalgams. He directed the university where Sasha discovered the nanomachines that brought about the creation of Amalgams as bioweapons and was the one who offered their power to Xargin, turning him into his enemy soon after. During the assault on Zwölf HQ he succeeded in deleting any information on the Isis anti-nanomachines from the organization's mainframe but was confronted and brutally killed by Xargin, who fused Victor with the base servers. He did not die however, instead becoming a sort of A.I. inside Zwölf's software. He assists Sasha in her attempt to shoot down the barrage of nuclear missiles directed at Germany, and is destroyed in the process.