Personal Information

Wolf Göring


Human then later Demonaic



Team Affiliations

XAT then Amalgams

The commander of XAT. Wolf is an imposing and powerfully built man with dark skin, whose strictness is often at odds with Hermann's rebellious nature. Wolf was wounded during the transportation of Gerd's infected girlfriend Jil Hoffman, after he fought her with a taser when she awoke as an Amalgam. From then on he began to show strange symptoms of illness that Beatrice confirmed to be signs of him changing into an Amalgam. Seduced by Beatrice Grese and warped into serving Xargin's cause, he infected most of his subordinates, hoping they would remain at his side when they turned to Amalgams as well. Wolf's actions after his infection were moderated by friendship toward them, as he was distraught after mortally wounding Al and Brad as they bought time for Hermann and Amanda to escape. After the destruction of XAT he tried to revive Al, Brad, and Lene with his blood, but succeeded only in reviving Al. He continued to direct his task force from there on, albeit as a human-hunting one. He fought against Amanda and a Demoniac-turned Hermann while counting on Al's help, but was fooled when Al regained his memories and blew most of his head off, allowing Hermann to slash him in half and kill him for good. He later appears with the other deceased characters with an apologetic look, asking Amanda for forgiveness.

Demonaic Transformation:Edit

Wolf's Demoniac form is an enormous, powerful humanoid with gorilla-like features and a horned head shaped like a skull. Though slower than most Amalgams he's immensely strong and resilient, using his tank-like armour to fend off most attacks bare-handed. He can also elongate his arms, rocket-punching his enemies with extreme strength.